Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 13

Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 13 (Approaches of Halal and Thoyyib for Society, Wellness and Health)

© IDOSI Publications, 2013

  • Perception towards Halal Awareness and its Correlation with Halal Certification among Muslims

  • The Use of Forbidden Materials in Medicinal Products: An Islamic Perspective

  • Expectation and Effectiveness of the Halal Slaughtering Training towards Employability among Blue Collar Workers

  • An Islamic View on the Utilization of Leeches and Worms for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Purposes

  • Consumer Protection of Halal Products in Malaysia

  • Detection of Blood Transglutaminase Enzyme in Fish Surimi Based Product by Using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method

  • Islamic Dietary Menu Planning System for Breastfeeding Mothers

  • Comparison between Solvent Extraction Using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Triple Quadrupole (GCMS-QQQ) of Cholesterol and Cholesterol Oxidation Derivatives

  • Towards a Halal Certification Module and Training Programme Development for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Crisis Communication and Management on Food Recall in the Malaysian Food Industry

  • Learning from the Dead: Body Donation for Research

  • Cholesterol Oxidation Products Analysis in Meat and Poultry

  • The Academia’s Multidisciplinary Approaches in Providing Education, Scientific Training and Services to the Malaysian Halal Industry